Chapter 4. Installation

Table of Contents
Base classes
Integrating into web sites

This chapter discusses the installation details.

Base classes

The PHP class files (suffix .inc) and the templates (suffix .ihtml) are installed to a location where PHP engine can find them. This location is specified in the PHP engine init file (usually /usr/local/lib/php.ini), using the include_dir directive. This must be a separate secure location so that they are not served directly out in response to browser HTTP requests.

One of the files includes subclass declarations of the PHPlib classes such as Session and Auth to specify your own database setup details. The tracepack generic classes, the form handler classes and the user interaction handler classes are installed in the same secure location.

The templates (suffix .ihtml) your subclass of PHPlib's Form uses can as well be installed in a separate directory dedicated to template storing, but the location must be present in the PHP engine init file include_dir directive.