Use case UML packages

Related to the system features, the use cases are grouped into packages.

Service Instance

Figure 2-2. Users and data suppliers manage the user and service instance details

A user can't do much besides changing account details, picking a service instance from a presented list and modify or delete picked instance. Also, users can log on providing details from another account and join the two accounts into one.

In case Service User has lost the login details (FIXME:anything else?), data supplier that the user is attached to can also change the users account details and manipulate the list of users service instances.

Data supplier

Figure 2-3. Use cases related to data supplier service

Data suppliers native activity is uploading data that contains clients service instance details. First, they log on suppliying account details, then pick the Service they use to deploy service instances and finally, they upload the supplier data. For example, after logging on, an online-vendor chooses DHL as the service provider and uploads data extracted from DHL parcel accounting software that contains data on parcels gathered since the day before.

Data suppliers can also modify their account details. Tracepack site administrators are given the tasks of adding new data suppliers and modifying existing accounts. Outdated accounts are deleted (FIXME:how do data supplier accounts become out of date?).

SMS provider

Figure 2-4. Site administrators manage the SMS provider database.

SMS provider is basically an email to SMS gateway of a wireless network operator. Tracepack site administrator keeps a database of SMS providers the users service instance tracking requests are checked against for validity. The database record of a SMS provider contains instructions how to make sure that the telephone numbers specified fall into the SMS providers cathegory. If a user specifies a telephone number in a tracking request that doesn't match any SMS proviers cathegory, it is rejected with an error message.

Service provider

Figure 2-5. Site administrators handle the database of service providers

Admins log on and have access to service providers database. Before uploading, data suppliers pick the service provider that provides the software they extracted the service instance data from.